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Industry Waste & Recycling

The Waste and Recycling Industry – handling numerous key resources to help drive Australia’s economic success

The waste and recycling industries are an essential component to Australia’s economic growth, supplying key resources to shape our commercial and residential industries. With economic growth ensuring these resources are in high demand, other factors are impacting on the viability and growth of these industries.


Major Factors Facing the Waste and Recycling Industry

Occupational Workplace Health & Safety (OWH&S):

  • Dust
  • Odours
  • Air Quality
  • Temperature


Along with excessive dust and odours, heat greatly reduces productivity and is detrimental to a safe working environment for employees. Waste and recycling industries generate significant emissions of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). These emissions must be controlled to avoid inhalation by employees and neighbouring populated areas. Inhaling airborne by-products may lead to respiratory disease or other illnesses.

Managers must provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and neighbours to alleviate concerns for their wellbeing. This may also reduce the possibility of future litigation arising from issues caused by unsafe working and environmental conditions.

Making Waste and Recycling Productive and In Harmony with Residential Expansion.

Waste and recycling industries are also witnessing mounting legal challenges from local, state and federal Legislative and EPA groups, due to emissions. Issues of dust, odours and heat may be overshadowed by productivity inefficiencies if not effectively addressed now. Residential expansion is also creating new challenges to the way these industries manage and control their emissions in the suburban landscape.

Providing Solutions for the Waste and Recycling Industries

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology, providing solutions for temperature, dust and odour control. Coolfog provides effective answers in managing your plant and has been installed on numerous sites throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Access Environmental Systems designs, manufactures, installs and services Coolfog systems. Each system is designed and manufactured specifically for customer’s individual needs, ensuring airborne dust, odours and temperature, are dramatically reduced on your site.

“Creating a new approach to ensure a safer, cleaner environment in the waste and recycling industries for employees and our suburban neighbours requires a different way of thinking about temperature, dust and odour management systems”.