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Industry Ship Loading

Ports – a Major Influence in Australia’s Export Market

Port Authorities play a major role in Australia’s economic growth due to the volume of minerals resources being exported to overseas countries. These facilities are generally built nearby to townships and with the continued economic growth ensure there is high demand placed on the Ports. There are factors that impact on the viability and expansion of these Ports.

Odour & dust control for ship loading

Major Factors Facing the Ports

Occupational Workplace Health and Safety (OWH&S):

  • Dust Control
  • Air Quality
  • Environmental Impact


There are strict guidelines set out in the National Exposure Standards for atmospheric contaminants in the occupational environment. Airborne particles in particular Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) particles are a known carcinogen source that can lead to chest infections and cancer which may not be detected until some years later. Minimising the risk to these health issues is the concern. Some airborne contaminants can never be fully eliminated and many do not need to be. Monitoring in some environments is necessary, to differentiate these working conditions where exposures are adequately controlled from those that are not and need to be controlled.

Managers must control these airborne contaminants in providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees and neighbouring populated areas thus avoiding safety concerns. This may also reduce the possibility of future litigation arising from issues caused by unsafe working and environmental conditions.

Making Ports Productive and In Harmony with Residential Creep

Port Authorities are also witnessing mounting legal challenges from local, state and federal Legislative and EPA groups, due to issues of airborne contaminants. Residential development is also creating new challenges for the way Ports manage and control dust on their ship loading facility.

‘Clearing the Air’ – Providing Solutions for the Ports Industry

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology with solutions to control dust and airborne contaminants. Coolfog provides effective answers to managing dust on ship loading facilities and has been installed on ports in Australia. Access Environmental Systems designs, manufactures, installs and services Coolfog systems. Each system is designed and manufactured specifically for customer’s individual needs, ensuring airborne dust particles are dramatically reduced whilst loading ships. Whether it’s unloading hoppers, feed bins, conveyor transfer points or chutes, Coolfog will manage and suppress dust better than any other system on the market.

“Generating a new approach to ensure a safer, cleaner ship loading facility and environment for employees and townships requires a different way of thinking about dust management systems”.