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Industry Creative Theming

Creative Theming – Essential for Creating Ambience or Impact!

‘Fog’ has been an extensively utilised creative theming tool throughout various industries for decades. It is extremely effective in creating that unique setting and is now characterised as an essential element in all new designs by Creative Theming Consultants, Creative Engineers and Landscape Architects. Fog, once produced drifts in all directions depending on the air movement. This creates a stunning visual impact of changing landscapes or themed environments. There are distinctive methods for creating these special effects for maximum benefit.

Fog displays

When producing low level fog for applications in water fountains, ponds, landscaped areas, pools, waterfalls, lighting displays, statues, botanical gardens and zoos, the system must be installed and positioned to maximise enhancement of architectural features and the focal element points.

Overhead fogging is generally installed to create an inviting atmosphere in resorts, casinos, amusement parks, retail centres, theme parks, courtyards, hotels, movie studios, outdoor concert venues, live events and spectator arenas.

Providing Solutions for the Creative Theming Industry

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology and provides solutions to all the applications detailed above. Coolfog has been installed on numerous sites throughout Australia showcasing these effects. Access Environmental Systems designs, manufactures, installs and services Coolfog systems. Each system is designed and manufactured specifically for customer’s individual needs, creating the desired mood for maximum ambience impact.

“Creating a new approach to ensure that a visual impact is created requires a different way of thinking about themed environments”.