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Industry Alfresco

Alfresco – for Temperate Climates and Cooler Summer Months!

Alfresco or outdoor dining is a style that has long been used when temperature and weather conditions are favourable, especially during the Summer months. These outdoor patio, deck or pergola type areas are normally relaxed and have a casual atmosphere.

Outdoor cooling systems are a necessity to attract patrons, ensuring they remain comfortable during their dining experience. Whether it is for a romantic dinner, special celebration, dinner with family or simply drinks with friends – patrons will tend to favour a dining area that offers cooling in the temperate climates. Cooling systems installed in outdoor dining areas may reduce the potential for lost business: your patrons will not need to go inside elsewhere to dine in cooled comfort.


Overhead head fogging is generally installed to cool areas such as restaurants, malls, cafes, resort pool areas, courtyards and hotel beer gardens.

Providing Solutions for the Alfresco Effects Industry

Access Environmental Systems offers new technology and provides solutions for the outside applications detailed above. Coolfog has been installed on applications providing cooling solutions in alfresco areas. Access Environmental Systems designs, manufactures, installs and services Coolfog systems. Each system is designed and manufactured specifically for customer’s individual needs, creating the desired cooling effect for maximum impact.

“Creating a new approach to ensure that a cooler environment is created requires a different way of thinking for climate control in outside dining establishments”.